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» An Alternative to Medic Alert Bracelets  - Apr 06, 2009
  Category : Diabetic Live
  Posted By : Jillian Rokowski
  Her experience caused Jillian and her mother to create the company Watch and Alert. This company provides a variety of stylish watches that allow the wearer to blend in with their peers while still having identification needed to ensure safe care from health practitioners.

» Watch and Alert featured on Bay News 9  - Apr 02, 2009
  Category : Examiner.com
  Posted By : Jillian Rokowski
  Medical personnel in the area have now been informed to check watches for medical information. Rokowski hopes emergency medical teams across the country start considering watches when looking for critical medical information in the case of an emergency.

» Watch and Alert Makes Medical ID Fashionable  - Mar 16, 2009
  Category : Examiner.com
  Posted By : Jillian Rokowski
  As someone who had childhood diabetes, I completely understand the situation, and I appreciate what Rokowski has done. She has given diabetics across the country a solution to be fashionable, discreet, and (most importantly) prepared for any medical emergency that might arise. Kudos to Rokowski!

» Can this Watch Save Kids with Juvenile Diabetes?  - Mar 12, 2009
  Category : Tampa Bay Times tbt*
  Posted By : Jillian Rokowski
  Jillian Rokowski, 21, is the creator of Watch and Alert, fashionable watches with a medical logo to alert emergency medical services that someone has diabetes. ?

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