About US

My mother and I created Watch and Alert as a substitute for traditional medical jewelry. At the age of 10, I was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. For the next seven years, I had to wear a traditional medical bracelet. The bracelet drew attention from my peers. Whenever anyone looked at my wrist and asked me why I wore it, I had to go into detail about my Diabetes. The medical alert bracelet made me feel different and I detested having to wear it.
When I was seventeen I found a watch at a specialty store that had a medical symbol on the face and an engraveable plate on the back for information about my condition. For the first time since my diagnosis I was able to wear a stylish watch instead of my old bracelet. The last thing teenagers want to do is look or feel different from their peers. I honestly felt relieved and more comfortable in my own skin. When that watch broke I was devastated. I tried to find another watch but it turned out to be an impossible task to find a trendy watch with the medical alert symbol in the face. I decided I would have to create one for myself. I created a stylish watch and I got many compliments. People would ask me where I got it so they could get one for themselves or someone they knew who had a medical condition. We kept hearing over and over that people would not wear a bracelet. Unfortunately there are too many people who would rather risk their health and safety in an emergency situation then to be uncomfortable wearing a piece of jewelry they don’t like. My mother kept encouraging me to help others with medical conditions who do not like their current choices for a medical ID. A watch serves more than one purpose. It tells us the time, it shows a certain style and now it can alert others and emergency responders to a medical problem early for better medical treatment. It could mean life or death! We are on a mission to help all people young and old who do not want to wear a bracelet or necklace but will wear a watch that is comfortable and fits their style.
At Watch and Alert our goal is to provide a selection of watches that can be comfortable, trendy, professional and give some peace of mind incase a medical emergency should arise.
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